Podium Legs Air Compression Massager

Podium Legs Air Compression Massager Compression Pants
Price: $799.95

Typically, if you're over 6' tall, get a large

One Year Warranty!

Just like the high-end compression devices used by the top teams and athletes, now available to the public!

How do Podium Legs work? What do they do?
Recommended use
Will it work internationally? Outside of the US?
Team Discounts and Pro Pricing
Try out Podium Legs to see if you like it
Do you sell to bike shops, coaches, or dealers?

How do Podium Legs work?

Podium Legs technology takes compression to a new level. Compare it to a professional massage, except it's cheaper, and waiting for you in your living room. The leg cuffs stretch from your foot and lower legs all the way up your thigh, with 4 air chambers that fill in sequence, to compress and release each muscle group in your legs and feet, and then repeating. This will increase circulation and reduce swelling after a tough workout. Choose from different cycles of 15 minutes each, with multiple power levels, and point massage options for problem areas.

Compression power ranges from 50mmhg to 200mmhg, depending on your size and desired compression level.

Recommended Use
It’s best to use your Podium Legs in the evenings, after a workout. Your power setting should depend on your next workout, so if you have a big workout the next day, you want to keep it light, and only use one or two 15-minute cycles. If you’re off the next day, you can use a harder setting for two to three cycles.

- Multi-Chamber pressure displays
- Four compression chambers
- No prescription needed
- Automatic pressure variation between chambers
- Four different pressure levels

Will Podium Legs fit me?

In short, yes. If they don't fit, you can return them for a refund or exchange to a different size.

If you are under 5'7", we recommend the smalls. If you are 5'7" or over, we recommend the larges.

Will Podium Legs work Internationally?

Podium Legs can work using other country's power supplies but you must use a voltage converter. In the US, we use 110v power outlets and in many other countries, a 220v power outlet is used.

If you have any questions about this topic, contact us and we'll make sure you can have trouble-free operation in your country.

Do you offer team discounts or pro pricing?
Yes. Teams ordering four or more units and pros (actual pros only, please) are eligible for sponsorship pricing. We will need some photos of you wearing Podium Legs to put on the site, as well as a testimonial, and you'll have to promise to show your friends to help us pay the bills at Podium Legs headquarters. Use the contact page to send us your info, and we’ll let you know how to sign up.

Get a set of Podium Legs to demo

We used to offer demos at reduced pricing, but we had to take deposits, and then initiate another transaction when the customer inevitably wanted to keep it. To save the headache, we came up with the Podium Legs 10-day satisfaction guarantee. Order a set, try it out, and if you don't like it, send it back within 10 days for a full refund. Please save the original packaging to avoid a $25 restocking fee. If you want to do a demo for a wholesale order, the demo unit is full price, but we will refund the difference when you are ready to order more and meet the 4-unit minimum, so you'll get dealer pricing once you've ordered dealer quantities.

Do you sell to bike shops, coaches, or dealers?

Yes. Please use our contact form for more information

If you have any questions about the product, check out the FAQ Page, or use our contact form to ask!

Podium Legs Air Compression Massager Compression Pants
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